Say goodbye to Uncle Bob.

Let’s be clear. No one needs a “headshot” that looks like it was taken in 1985. Long gone is the stuffy blazer, the ostentatious jewelry, and the cheesy flash-lit grin.

Modern portraiture today is about showcasing your personality in a variety of poses that speak to your unique brand. Whether you are a CEO, a designer, entrepreneur, or creative, you need to define yourself in your image.

Personal branding shoots include a consultation to desgn your photoshoot, a style guide, hair and makeup, and a fully directed studio photoshoot. You don’t need to worry about a thing.

Today, more than ever before, we are judged by our online presence and being authentic to yourself is key. You need an image that reflects the real you in the best light. 

Our celebrity-style photoshoots include:

- a creative consultation to design your shoot and go over your goals and ideal clients in detail

- expert hair and makeup by our Hollywood artist Carly Wise to make you look like a star 

- an optional image consulting session with a wardrobe stylist matched to your specific needs

- an afternoon of shooting in our studio with hand-painted backdrops

- magazine-worthy images you’ll love along with a guide to using your images online for maximum engagement

Our personal branding sessions are our most requested service, so if you’re ready to get started, please email us right away to schedule your complimentary consultation.